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The inspiration behind The Sedona Method.

Buy loafers

lester levenson

In 1952, a 42 year old physicist, engineer, and entrepreneur named Lester Levenson was sent home to his Central Park South penthouse in New York City by his doctor after experiencing his second coronary with the advice, “Buy loafers, because if you bend over to tie your shoelaces, you may die.”
Most people would have resigned themselves to this final unhappy verdict. Lester Levenson was not most people, however. Instead, he chose another route: an adventure of exploration and discovery that led him to the ultimate goal.

Stupid, stupid, stupid

An achiever, a driven individual, Lester was plagued by a variety of physical and emotional problems prior to his heart attack: depression, hyperacidity, jaundice several times a year, migraines, perforated ulcers, and liver problems, to name a few.
Though his body was in bad shape, he determined—since he wasn’t dead yet—to see if he could find some answers as to how all this came about. He glanced towards his library, full of books on science, mathematics, engineering and physics and paged through a few until it dawned on him that he was looking in the wrong place.
“For a smart boy, you are stupid, stupid, stupid,” he admitted to himself, realizing that if the answers were outside of himself, he would have found them. And that the only place to look was, as he put it, in “the lab within.” So, that’s where he went.

Be happy

“The best measurement of our intelligence is our ability to be happy.” Lester Levenson

The lab within

Lester began to ask himself questions: “What’s life all about? What’s my relationship to this world? What’s happiness?” And, with that last question, his mind offered an answer, “When you’re loved.”
Lester looked at that and saw that he was indeed loved by family, girlfriends, and mates, but he was still unhappy. When he asked himself the question, “When was I the happiest?”, images arose in his mind of times when he was with family and friends, being loving.

Being loving

“Why, that’s when I was happy!” So, happiness equated to his being loving! He then realized that all his life he had been in pursuit of happiness—in someone, or some success or accomplishment, some thing, —always putting it outside of himself! He then discovered that he was able to let go within himself of this feeling of wanting love, and as he did so, his loving nature became more self-obvious.

Happiness is within

“And what is the way out? Not looking to the world for happiness, but looking to the place where happiness is, right within us, within our own consciousness.” Lester Levenson

Letting go of wanting to change

Lester saw that his unhappiness was directly connected to his desire to want to change things: comments people made, the results of elections, the weather, the news, even the endings of movies! He wanted to change it all—and it was covering over his happiness and well-being.

So, he began to review his life—beginning with addressing all the things he wanted to change—letting go quietly within himself of his desire to want to change it.

As he continued on this process of letting go he began to feel better. With no direction in mind other than “I am feeling better—how much better can I feel?”, he pursued his examination of his life, often around the clock.

After a three months of letting go, he intuitively knew the physical and mental dis-ease in his body was gone. He found himself resting in a state of profound peace that never left him for the remainder of his life. He lived another 42 years!

Learn to let go like Lester

Lester discovered and experienced  we are all unlimited loving beings, limited only by the concepts, thoughts, beliefs and feelings we hold in mind. These limitations are not fact and they are not true. And, because they are not true they can be easily let go, released, dissolved.

He realized that since he was able to do this letting go by himself, so could others. To learn how to let go like Lester, click HERE. This powerful, simple tool allows us to tap into our natural ability to let go of any unwanted, uncomfortable feeling or thought, in the moment, quietly within ourselves, is now known as The Sedona Method.

Make the world perfect by perfecting your consciousness

“If you don’t like the world, change your consciousness. That is all there is out there—your consciousness—and it’s the only thing that you can change, the only thing that you should try to change. Make the world perfect by perfecting your consciousness and all will be perfect.” Lester Levenson

More of Lester’s teachings

To read more of Lester’s remarkable words of guidance: the Happiness Is Free book is available on Amazon. It is a compilation of private talks Lester gave in the 1960’s, with exercises following each talk by Hale Dwoskin.

To explore more deeply and experientially what Lester is pointing to, consider having  private sessions with Annrika James or Tim McCavitt. Sessions reflect our many years working closely with Lester, a wonderful mentor and friend.

We thank and honor Lester for pointing the way home. 


That which you already know

“I can’t give you this knowledge; no one can. I just suggest, and you open yourself to that which you already know, and have always known, and always will know.” Lester Levenson

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