street dancing

Letting Go is Like Dancing

by | May 11, 2022

Letting go is like dancing—it’s freeing and powerful by yourself, but even more freeing and more powerful when others join in!

Remember Matt, the young guy whose YouTube video was viewed by zillions of people over a decade ago, as he travelled around the world and spontaneously danced with people? Uplifting and alive, the video went from scenes of him dancing solo in front of familiar postcard spots to him being joined by others, sometimes crowds of others, adults, teens and children, all dancing together as a group in a variety of everyday locations: streets and alleys, parks, plazas and bridges, jungle and forest, mountains and valleys.

I was struck after recently viewing that video again, how releasing is just like that video. First, you start out by yourself, perhaps a bit tentative and self-conscious. Soon, however, you find yourself in a rhythm that’s natural as you quietly, confidently continue to become more and more in touch with an aliveness and freedom that is always here, always now. The letting go, the welcoming that unfolds is contagious…and there’s no better scene than being among those fellow ‘dancers’, sharing and expressing the aliveness and love that they are. You can’t help but smile and join in when seeing and feeling others allowing themselves the joy of Being for no reason… just simply being their authentic self!