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Ever been on a road trip and heard the proverbial question, “Are we there yet?” Whether it came from a child, a fellow traveler or from inside your own head, we all tend to be in a hurry to get to our destination…both on the road and in life.

We’ve put together a series of Road Trip Releasing Tips Videos to help you slow down a bit in your everyday life, remember to release and really enjoy the journey, as well as the destination. These short videos won’t take much time out of your already busy life, but will remind you of profound ways to expand your awareness and your enjoyment of life.

Better than I could have imagined

“The trip turned out much better than I could have imagined. Releasing really helped and it was the best trip ever. We were all so much more in tune with each other, appreciative and kind.” Karen B., Texas

In this Series YouWill Discover:

How to accelerate your releasing practice
How to go deeper experientially
How to integrate releasing more easily into your daily life
Simple releases to help you wherever you’re at
How to move beyond seeking and striving
Potholes to avoid on your releasing road trip
Free releasing Support Calls
Bonus info on our mentor and friend Lester Levenson

Lester Levenson

Read more about Lester Levenson, the inspiration behind The Sedona Method. Lester was not ‘most people’. He chose another route. An adventure of exploration and discovery that led him to the ultimate goal. Happiness. 

Feeling happier and more optimistic about the future

“Thank you very much; I felt ease, tranquility… like I am already free and safe all the time. That made me extremely happy, and I felt this is what I had been looking for for a long, long time. I am continuing to release and I’m getting used to the quiet calmness.” Riina Y., Japan

Special Bonus

lester levenson

In these videos of our own releasing tips, we also share some of the gems we gleaned during our time with Lester Levenson, the man who inspired The Sedona Method. What Lester taught us greatly affected the road trip of our lives and we’re sure that you will also feel the impact of his gentle wisdom as you apply it in your own life.

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The best measurement of our intelligence is our ability to be happy.” Lester Levenson

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I experienced a different level of releasing today

“I experienced a different level of releasing today. I’m sitting in a greasy garage at a dirty picnic table while our motor home is being worked on. I’m noticing that I’m not as uncomfortable as in the past, I’m enjoying the breeze coming through the door, and the shop odors don’t seem as overwhelming. I actually feel at peace to be here for what will be at least 8 hours. This will be my holiday weekend!” Renee D., Colorado

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Road Trip Releasing

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